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Make your own bath bombs, you only need a couple of ingredients to make these homemade dish tablets. Start by adding cornstarch, baking soda, Epsom salt, citric acid, essential oil, and food coloring. Besides, you can create any shape and color you like!
Check out our genius lifehack how to use toothpaste as an air freshener, this lifehack will save you a fortune!
Roll your bathroom towels, you will save a lot of space and it looks much cozier.
Cleaning supplies often include harmful chemicals that can cause health problems. In this video, we share easy cleaning recipes without using any chemicals. Mix dish soap and vinegar together to make your bathroom perfectly clean.
Many people have sensitive skin and prefer natural soap to soap that is sold in a supermarket. Using such organic ingredients as coconut oil, cocoa butter, honey you may prepare the cure for your dry skin. Soap making could be a real art! You can make different shapes, choose any color you like. Moreover, you can make a lot of different kinds of soap and give them to all your friends and family!
Check out the tutorial on how to make cute crystal soap. Gems and crystals make great gifts for different occasions if your budget is low. Cut color soap, put into the plastic cup and after that melt clear soap base. Remember that overheating the base may cause your soaps to be brittle. Pour melt soap base into the cup to cover color soap and let it cool. Next, carve each piece into a crystal shape by slicing the top at several different angles. The only thing you will need is a gift box for your perfect crystals.
Another cool idea is making soap roses! Want to learn how to make them? It's actually easier than it sounds. Watch this video and see how to make soap roses.
Can’t you live without your smartphone even in the bathroom? No problem! You can take your gadgets to the bathroom with you. Watch our video and find out how to protect your tablet and smartphone from damp properly. Upgrade your shower curtain and make waterproof pockets! Now you can enjoy your favorite YouTube show in the shower!


00:08 DIY bath bombs
02:12 Cheap air freshener
03:53 Handmade soap ideas
06:10 How to clean flat iron
11:58 Use bubble wrap to make soap


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